Keitumetse (Tumi) TebakangFounder & Managing Director

As a dynamic Internal Audit and Accounting graduate Tumi gained solid experience in various industries including service rendering, manufacturing and hospitality which has given her a strong background in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll and Business Administration Support. Having the opportunity of working in different industries and fulfilling multiple roles has given her a valuable insight into business operations and challenges which has also contributed a great deal to her diverse skill set. These various working opportunities on different levels, including management, assisted her to identify the gaps and weaknesses particularly in the black run enterprises and SMEs which led her to the idea of About Solutions Consulting which was founded in 2015.

Despite her skills and talent in balancing books, Tumi has always been an entrepreneur at heart. “From the very early stages of my journey as an employee, I always knew I will have to go independent one day. It was the drive, the passion, curiosity, willingness to learn things which were outside my work scope, interrogation of why certain things had to be done, passion for creating, providing solutions and mostly the level of commitment I had towards my job that gave me an affirmation that I was indeed on the right path of being independent”. Even though it had always been her dream to start a consultancy business, Tumi appreciated the fact that she had to stay in the employment space for as long as it was necessary to gain experience, acquire knowledge, gain special skills, learn  and understand the work environment. It is through this corporate journey she acquired 13 years of experience which is now the basis of her ability and confidence to lead About Solutions Consulting to its intended purpose.

“Growth is never achieved by mere chance; it is the results of forces working together.” – William Penn

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About Solutions Consulting (Pty) Ltd. is a 100% black female-owned consultancy business offering tailor-made solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses.

Keitumetse Tebakang
Managing Director, About Solutions Consulting (Pty) Ltd.